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Taxis in Yahata-Nishi Ward, Kitakyushu City
for elderly transportation and sightseeing


Detailed information

For the first time in Japan, we've introduced commuter passes and free pass tickets for taxis.

In addition, we've collaborated with a local railway company (Chikugo Railway) to sell Chiku-Taku tickets. For those who require special assistance, we recommend a caregiving taxi by a caregiving professional.
From Kitakyushu Airport to homes around Yahata-Nishi Ward, the our "fixed fare" is popular because it is cheap.
We support active lifestyles and the livelihoods of the elderly in Kitakyushu.

For your transportation needs in Kitakyushu,
use Sangamori Taxi

We handle general taxis with a seating capacity of 4 passengers, jumbo taxis with a seating capacity of 9 passengers, and others (electric vehicles and UD taxis). We assist our customers in their daily lives by offering safe and secure driving!

● For your daily commute
● Traveling with a large number of people
● Accessible to those with disabilities
● Eco-friendly
● Good for sightseeing
● Coming home from cram school​

● Promptly delivering baggage
● For the elderly: going out after relinquishing your driver's license
● Picking up and Drop off service from a wedding ceremony or memorial service
● Picking up service from a distant place, including outside of the prefecture

Whether it's commuting or traveling, Sangamori Taxi provides you with the services you need to get you to your destination!


​Taxi Information


Standard-sized car

General Taxis for Casual Rides

Our general taxis have a capacity of 4 passengers. They are always parking at Sangamori-Dentei Station and Sunlive Sangamori Store.

Jumbo taxi

Taxis for small groups

Jumbo taxis have a capacity of 9 passengers. They are convenient for transportation to and from train stations and airports with large baggage.

Electric car

Environmentally friendly and quiet.

An incredibly quiet ride that is completely different from standard combustion engine cars.

UD Taxi

Taxi Universal Design for a New Generation

These taxis were developed based on the concept of "easy to use anywhere, by anyone, freely".

*Fares are the same as for general taxis.


Fixed fare to Kitakyushu Airport

Pick-up from your home or accommodation in Yahata-Nishi Ward, Kitakyushu City / Nakama City to Kitakyushu Airport.

For 5 or more people, the jumbo taxi is a great deal!
● [Yahata-Nishi Ward⇔Kitakyushu Airport]
Standard-sized car (4 passengers): 9,700 yen per car, Jumbo taxi (9 passengers): 14,100 yen per taxi
● [Nakama City ⇔ Kitakyushu Airport]
Standard-sized car (4 passengers) 10,400 yen per car, Jumbo taxi (9 passengers) 15,300 yen per taxi

●Urban expressway toll (520 yen) is required separately.
●Reservation is OK even for one person. We will also pick you up at Kitakyushu Airport.
●You can bring in a large trunk or suitcase!

●You can make a reservation just before pick-up.


​Contact Us


If you call us, we will dispatch a nearby taxi immediately. They are always parking at Sangamori-Dentei Station and Sunlive Sangamori Store.

TEL 093-601-0077 | TEL 093-612-5888


​Company information


Company Name

HOHOEMI Corporation

How to read

Kabushikigaisha HOHOEMI

Phone number


FAX number



2-2-41, Einomaru Minami-machi, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka 807-0845


5-minute walk from Sangamori Station on the Chikugo Electric Railway Line

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HOHOEMI Group "Sangamori Taxi" website

Business Hours

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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